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To get in touch with VSA please email us at: vsacommittee [at] caving [dot] org [dot] au

You may also use the form below to contact us. Alternatively, you can send us a letter at the address below.

The current committee for 2021 – 2023

President Wayne Revell president [at] caving [dot] org [dot] au
Vice-President Thomas Maggs -Glenn Baddeley vicepresident [at] caving [dot] org [dot] au
Secretary Tim Ziegler secretary [at] caving [dot] org [dot] au
Treasurer Lilith Faye -Thomas Maggs treasurer [at] caving [dot] org [dot] au
Program Organiser Aranzazu Gea Parreno – Nadine Muresan programorganiser [at] caving [dot] org [dot] au

The outgoing committee for 2020 – 2021

President Wayne Revell  
Vice-President Tom Maggs  
Secretary Nadine Muresan  
Treasurer Skye Campen  
Program Organiser

Stella Nikolaevsky


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