Greg Leeder

Melbourne, Australia

Long time caver. Long time motorcycle rider Long time tech with PMG, Telecom & Telstra.

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White nose bat research.

At the recent VSA meeting we were addressed by a researcher from Melbourne University. Anna Langguth is studying a fungus that attacks bats and causes the potentially deadly “White Nose Syndrome”, killing bats by interrupting winter hibernation. This fungus originated in Europe but recently has been found in USA, where it has caused the death of over 6 million microbats …

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Cavers at Shades of Death

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Nargun No.53 July 2023

Nargun No.52 November 2022

Thanks to our editor Nadine. All the latest news and photo’s from places near and far. You can see what other members have been doing and what is planned. Bo suggested at the meeting that the web site could be used to advertise trips and allow members to enlist on trips. This system was used …

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