Annual General Meeting 2022


8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

The VSA’s Annual General Meeting is on Saturday, the 2 July.

Location: Stewart’s residence at 47 Cunningham Street, Northcote 307

The formal meeting to start at 8:00 pm, however we can arrive from 6.00pm for an informal social gathering and slide show.  If you have slides you’d like to share, please bring along. Please also bring a plate to share; coffee and tea will be provided.

We will send the meeting agenda, Annual Report, and Proposed Fee Structure by email closer to the date.

The agenda content is as prescribed by the Act and our rules [Rule 46].  As this is a formal meeting, we will strictly adhere to the agenda.  There are no Special Resolutions to be voted on at this meeting.

Committee Election process
Nominations will be read for each position on the committee.  If there is only one nomination for a position, the Returning Officer will declare the position held without calling for a vote.  If there are two or more nominations for that position, then the Returning Officer will call for a vote.  [Rule 34]
If there are not enough nominations, then the Returning Officer will call for nominations during the meeting.  If a position is still not filled, then the committee may fill that position later.  [Rule 35]

Other positions
All Co-opted Office positions also become vacant at the AGM.  The new committee will call for volunteers to fill these positions.  If you’d like to take a role in the VSA, please let one of the new committee members know after the AGM.