White nose bat research.

At the recent VSA meeting we were addressed by a researcher from Melbourne University. Anna Langguth is studying a fungus that attacks bats and causes the potentially deadly “White Nose Syndrome”, killing bats by interrupting winter hibernation. This fungus originated in Europe but recently has been found in USA, where it has caused the death of over 6 million microbats …

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Revised Bat Census Form Updated

Nicholas has updated the Bat Census form which has been added to the Resources Documents page.

New Trip Leader – Tom Elms

Tom Elms has achieved the position as Horizontal and Vertical Trip Leader. Tom became interested in caving after a road trip through east Gippsland led him to Buchan, where he came to the realisation that more caves existed beyond the show caves in the reserve. A follow-up trip led him to explore every cave he could …

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New posts

Cavers at Shades of Death

Members are encouraged to create posts on this site. Any news and photo’s are welcome You must login with user name and password, then select new post from the top tool bar. Give it a go. it is not hard.

Nargun No.53 July 2023

Nargun February 2023

Nargun No.52 November 2022

Thanks to our editor Nadine. All the latest news and photo’s from places near and far. You can see what other members have been doing and what is planned. Bo suggested at the meeting that the web site could be used to advertise trips and allow members to enlist on trips. This system was used …

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VSA Caving Course 2022

Caving course

    VSA is happy to announce a comprehensive course with 40 hours for beginners and intermediate cavers. Theoretical and practices classes will be run from Monday 2sd to Sunday 15th of May. The course will cover technical and scientific aspects from Victorian caves, as well as general concepts to have a wider spectrum.   …

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VSA Trip Form

Greetings to the VSA Cavers!!! We are excited to announce our new Trip Form that you should use to collect relevant information during your trip. Therefore, you will contribute to build a better caving database that we all can benefit from. Please, find the link in the publication tab and just below the PDF format. …

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Edwards Ridge Survey Trip

  The next explore-and-survey trip to new caves near Portland will begin on Saturday 30 October (travel out evening Friday 29th, immediately after Vic regional travel re-opens). Trip duration will be up to 4 days – shorter attendance is OK, of course.   Progress, until Covid interrupted the project in July, had been substantial, with …

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